In the beginning…

The first “Stitches” Dolls started Christmas, 2001, and have a humble start just like their creator (read Mark’s story here). He needed gifts for his niece and nephew but didn’t have the funds to buy anything for them. So, he decided to make them something. His neice’s love of “The Little Mermaid” inspired the first Stitch doll — a manatee (often mistaken as mermaids by ancient explorers and seafarers).

Using a few old pairs of corduroy pants a sweater and some velvet, Mark bought sewing supplies and sewed the first doll. What he lacked in skill, he more than made up for with the love put into this gift.

Since that time, Mark has improved his skills and perfected his art. Stitch Dolls today are made like carving shapes with fabric. They incorporate inspiration and interesting shapes found in architecture, shadows, wood grains and other sources from the artist’s life. Even cartoons and television characters like Betty Boop and The Golden Girls find their way into the repertoire.

“I’m most proud when I can create a nice piece of art that tells a story of makes a statement,” says Mark. And despite the remarkable craftsmanship that now makes each Stitches Doll now, each one still gets the same love, devotion and care put into the very first one.

First Stitch Doll ever
First Stitch Doll ever

Time Warp…

Here are some favorite Stitch Dolls over the years: (click to enlarge)

Every cuddly sculpture is one-of-a-kind

This means supplies are limited. Once they’re gone, you’ll never see another exactly like it. Find the Stitches Doll that’s just right for you!

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